Why should I pay for a price checking tool? My customers tell me when someone breaks my MAP policy.
Having your good retailers tell you when someone violates your MAP Policy is helpful but it’s better to know (and act) before they do. Having us monitor and enforce your minimum advertised pricing will make your customers feel confident that you care enough to take the burden off of them.

We tried to enforce a MAP Policy before but it didn’t work.
The success of a MAP Policy depends on many things; clear consequences, knowing who sellers are, and ultimately, following-through. Just saying you have a MAPP and enforcing it are different. Nobody wants to lose sales, but the only way to enforce is to stop selling to merchants that refuse to honor the policy. MAPP Trap’s compliance experts can review your process and help you improve.

How will your free Ecommerce Assessment Report help me?
Too much data can be confusing, but if you look at it right, MAPP Trap data tells the story of your brand. Our ecommerce assessment report will help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (S.W.O.T.) Of course, once we begin working together, we can use that data to improve your online conditions.

Will MAPP Trap remove unauthorized sellers from Amazon and other domains/marketplaces?
There are many tactics a brand can use to get online sellers removed and we understand them all. Depending on your policies and your MAPP Trap service package, we can give you recommendations on ways to do it yourself, or we can help actually get them removed for you.

We don’t have a MAP policy, can I still benefit from MAP Trap?
Knowing what’s happening to your products online is essential in today’s rapidly changing ecommerce world. Even if you don’t have a problem today, MAPP Trap’s price checking software helps you to avoid them by keeping tabs on the 4Ps of marketing: Price, Product, Promotion & Place.

Why should my company use your Enforcement service? We can send emails just fine.
It’s true. Anyone can send emails. And our reports make it an easy task to do yourself. But depending on your internal resources, and the number of emails that need to be sent, automation can help. Our tool organizes, creates, sends, tracks and sends you reports on thousands of emails in seconds with you in control the entire time. And it doesn’t take PTO.

I’m an Amazon seller. How can MAPP Trap be good for my business?
While the majority of our clients are brands, we also work with ecommerce retailers, brick and mortar stores, and Amazon marketing companies. Some use us to keep an eye on competitors, others to augment their offering to the brands they help with online sales. At the end of the day, healthy brands are good for everyone.

We’re extremely busy! Can you do everything for us?
Absolutely. Our Complete Compliance service creates an extensive, custom-tailored strategy (including policies and enforcement templates) based on your objectives and market conditions. Then, depending on how much you want us to take on, we send and track notices, respond to sellers, submit take-down notices and track success. Heck, we can even help you determine the best minimum advertised prices.

Will MAPP Trap help me uncover how these merchants are getting my inventory?
That’s one of the best things about us! Our comparative analytics algorithms cross-reference our extensive seller data with product listings and account lists. By using big data, we can tell you which sellers are the same companies using different names, where sellers are sourcing products, which ones use drop-shippers and more.

I spend a lot of time investigating sellers. I really need someone else to do that for me.
MAPP Trap has a fulltime investigative staff that uses a combination of big data, search algorithms and skip-tracing techniques to identify online sellers. Our goal is to provide principal names, DBAs, addresses, emails, phone numbers and registered domains. Every phone number and email is checked manually to make sure it’s up-to-date and accurate. And best of all, the data comes standard with every subscription.

There are other software providers out there. Why should we commit to you?
First and foremost, we don’t consider ourselves a data in, data out company. That means we’re not just searching your products and providing rows of information.

  • We provide clear analytics reports to tell you what the data means.

  • We have multiple teams to assist your success such as Product Optimization, Merchant Research, Policy Enforcement, and Strategy, Tactics and Best Practices.

  • We have focused on seller identification since our start and have the most thorough and complete contact information in the industry.

Learn more about our monitoring, identification and enforcement features.

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