Sophisticated techniques to unmask sellers, accurately

Whether you've manually monitored or used other systems in the past, you know that determining the true identity of third-party sellers can be difficult at best.

Using a combination of proprietary and cross-relational algorithms, MAPP Trap scours back-end marketplace pages, the world wide web, the deep web, internal databases and more. That information gets aggregated into a merchant file, then gets assigned to a staff investigator who has been trained in skip-tracing. All information is reviewed, expanded upon and then verified. Only once we're satisfied with the veracity of the data do we upload it into our merchant database.

Comprehensive merchant database

MAPP Trap maintains one of the largest databases of third-party sellers in the industry. This database is updated regularly and contains information on merchants across ecommerce platforms, from all around the world. We can pinpoint even the most elusive sellers with speed and accuracy.

Identifying your online sellers is our #1 priority

What seller information do we provide?

We provide you with everything you need to confirm a merchant's identity and enforce your policy. We determine:

  • Legal DBAs
  • Principal addresses
  • Principal names
  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Fax numbers
  • Emails
  • Registered domains

With your contact list uploaded, we can cross-reference our data with yours and generate one-to-one comparisons. With MAPP Trap you can see, at a glance, exactly who merchants are to you.

What seller information do we provide?