Depending on your available internal resources, MAPP Trap can create, implement and administrate your company's ecommerce protection strategies. Our complete compliance managers are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to online policies and enforcement. Our brand protection experts not only understand the legal implications of your efforts (anti-trust, etc.), but they've worked with brands in many industries, so they can recommend and employ diverse sets of strategies and best practices.

Let Us Help Your Brand Arrow

MAPP Trap's Complete Compliance program helped us to dramatically reduce our MAP violations and unauthorized sellers. Our partnership has allowed me to stay focused on my main job while they tend to the day-to-day policy enforcement work. Without MAPP Trap's expertise we could never have turned things around so quickly. It’s a no brainer!


Luisa Munoz-Franco, E-Commerce
Account Manager

Policy Compliance Strategy Creation

MAPP Trap personnel will review your policies and strategies, then set up the necessary enforcement email templates and plans in the automated email system. By having our expert staff complete this, it will ensure they accurately reflect your strategy.

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MAP Policy Strategy

  • Policy review and revision
  • MAP Pricing Review
  • MAP Policy compliance template written
  • Automated enforcement plan creation
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Authorized Seller Strategy

  • Terms and conditions review
  • Establishment of material differences
  • Cease & Desist template writing
  • Automated email plan creation
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IP Rights Protection

  • Determination intellectual property
  • Establishment of IP Infringement templates
  • Automated email plan created

Compliance Execution

After the strategies have been created, knowledgeable MAPP Trap personnel will administrate, monitor and revise the day-to-day process of notice creation and distribution.

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When new violators and/or seller emails are discovered, we will inform you and seek approval to add new violators to plan distribution.
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When seller suspensions and/or termination levels are reached we will inform you and seek approval for release or direct client to release notices.
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When sellers reach the appropriate penalty level, we will inform essential stakeholders and, if requested, reply to suspended sellers.

Measurable Deliverables

Measurable Deliverables

Weekly Meetings

Based on your needs, we will schedule weekly and monthly meetings to review progress and, if necessary, adjust strategies based on feedback (from you and from your customers)

Measurable Deliverables

Do Not Ship lists

When violators reach suspension, we will send you the list for distribution to appropriate stakeholders (i.e., sales reps, distributors, attorneys, etc.)

Measurable Deliverables

DMCA Takedowns

MAPP Trap will submit and track takedown forms to ebay, Walmart, Bonanza and domain registrars based on client requirements.

Measurable Deliverables

Rollout Reports

If this is part of your strategy, reports will be generated detailing how many emails were sent, to which merchants and on what dates. Reports will include changes in numbers of products carried and violated (if any).

Measurable Deliverables

Weekly Reporting

When violators reach suspension, we will send you the list for distribution to appropriate stakeholders (i.e., sales reps, distributors, attorneys, etc.)

Measurable Deliverables

Final Report

Baseline comparisons and current market conditions (Post-Enforcement Phase). Also, will provide a recommendation for steps needed in compliance maintenance.

“Working with MAPP Trap has been a game changer for our brand. The team patiently helped us to understand the complicated online scale and scope for iMap as it relates to the brand, then worked methodically to help us craft strategy and tactics to approach enforcement of this critical aspect of our brand in the online channel. Their managerial experience is solid; their analysis, advice and patience is invaluable; their resource database is deep and on point, and their software is powerful and easy to use. MAPP Trap is a great partner and well worth the investment.”


Paul Armstrong, CEO, Earthwhile
Endeavors dba Earthbath