Automated enforcement follow-ups

MAPP Trap's Automated Enforcement Wizard lets you create your own customized email plans. Whether it's a 3-strike plan, a recurring action plan or a plan that goes to a specific group of merchants, you can set it and forget it. The Wizard will guide you, step-by-step, in how to create your own successful email campaigns:

Step 1: Create Plan Name
Step 2: Determine What Products and Merchants to enforce?
Step 3: Set the number of steps in your plan (e.g., 3-strikes = citation, warning, suspension)
Step 4: Create Content Templates
Step 5: Determine how many days will go in between steps

Automated email enforcement

Customized email templates

MAPP Trap allows you to select from a suite of email templates that were pre-written by our attorneys, or you can create your own email templates.

Our system automatically embeds a screenshot of the violation in your email so the merchant knows exactly what they've done wrong. You can even attach your policy and pricing documents to the emails so everyone is on the same page.


MAPP Trap's brand protection experts have taught our compliance system the best ways to enforce MAP Polices, reports IP Abuse, and remove unauthorized sellers. So even if you're not sure of what to do next, we'll show you!

This machine-learning enforcement system offers actionable insights and recommendations to streamline labor and track your policy enforcement process, ensuring maximum efficiency and results. This game-changing solution acts as a virtual assistant, guiding your compliance team with expert-created, data-driven guidance.

Customized email templates

Managed MAP enforcement services

Outsourcing your MAP enforcement effort is a great idea when you don't have the time or personnel to manage it yourself.

MAPP Trap's managed enforcement services take all the hassle and guesswork out of enforcing MAP policies, so you can focus on other areas of your business. Our team of experienced enforcement specialists will work with you to develop personalized strategies for effective MAP policy enforcement, monitor compliance rates, send out notifications and provide detailed reporting.

MAPP Trap also offers help with authorized seller plans and intellectual property rights enforcement notices. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned expert in the ecommerce space, MAPP Trap can help step up your MAP enforcement.

Keep track of progress with integrated reporting

Results in as little as four weeks

Companies that use our Enforcement Wizard system have seen dramatic reductions in the number of violating merchants and the number of products being violated in as little as four weeks. When violations go down, the average advertised price goes up - and these companies have taken control of their brands once again.