Protect your online channel with ease and confidence

MAPP Trap's not just a price monitoring tool. Sure, we do that (very well!) but we do much more. Our online reports, customer success agents and policy compliance experts show you what your data means and how it can be used to reduce MAP violations, get rid of unauthorized sellers and more.

Also, because it’s essential to understand the flow of goods, we help answer the question: “How did they get our products?” Our investigators find comprehensive contact information that sheds transparency on the flow of goods. We then use that data to automate and track your compliance efforts.


Brand protection solutions

Comprehensive price monitoring

Track every price change on every product, everywhere. MAPP Trap gives you a daily look at all the resellers of your products, so you can see exactly how your prices are being affected in real time.

Seller identification

Get rid of the bad guys for good. MAPP Trap will help you identify MAP violators and unauthorized sellers, so you can get them off your channels quickly and efficiently.

MAP policy enforcement

Enforce your pricing policies with ease and confidence. MAPP Trap's software automates the process of tracking MAP violators and sending them warning letters. We also provide expert support to help you resolve any compliance issues that may arise.

Save your Channel

Proven to drive product and merchant compliance

Within months of working with MAPP Trap, our brands see product and merchant compliance rise to 90% or more. They see their retail margins double. They see success.

Why MAPP Trap? Because you’ll have happy retailers, consistent pricing, transparent distribution and loyal consumers.

  • Accurate Product and Price Monitoring
  • Seller Identification
  • Distribution Transparency
  • Buy Box Reporting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Compliance and Policy Expertise and Guidance


What you can do with MAPP Trap?
MAP Policy Enforcement

“MAPP Trap has been a game changer for our brand. The team patiently helped us to understand the complicated online scale and scope for iMap as it relates to the brand, then worked methodically to help us craft strategy to approach map policy and authorized seller enforcement. Once we began enforcement we achieved rapid, material results. MAPP Trap is a great partner and well worth the investment.”

Paul Armstrong, CEO, Earthwhile Endeavors dba Earthbath