Protecting your brand has never been easier

It's all good and fine to have a MAP policy, but if you don't enforce it, then what's the point? Merchants respond when they know they're being monitored. They will also appreciate that you're taking steps to stabilize your brand equity.

Taking action on MAP policy violators is essential to maintaining a healthy brand. However, creating, sending and tracking those emails is too time consuming to do on your own.

MAPP Trap's enforcement platform utilizes email automation and proven, attorney-crafted templates to do the heavy lifting for you.

MAP enforcement, your way

Depending on how your MAP policy is structured, you might prefer to handle enforcement differently.

  • Different warnings and levels of warning, varying by seller, product and company size
  • Grace periods and response times
  • Custom cease and desist letters versus templates written by MAPP Trap's team of attorneys
  • Automated messages versus a personal touch, depending on your relationship with the seller

These elements are fully configurable in MAPP Trap. You can customize each step in your MAP enforcement sequence to fit perfectly with your brand.


Let them know you're watching!

Built-in MAP enforcement follow up

Running a MAP enforcement program can sometimes feel like herding cats. If you're staying on top of your Minimum Advertised Price monitoring, how do you keep track of which MAP violators and unauthorized sellers you've contacted, what you've sent them and which still need attention?

MAPP Trap simplifies the process with built-in follow-up. When you configure your MAP enforcement sequences, MAPP Trap's easy-to-use UI will provide you updates and notifications when follow-up is needed.

Plus, you'll always have an audit trail of all the MAP enforcement activities you've performed. Every action you take — or that MAPP Trap takes on your behalf — is logged and can be accessed with a click of a button.


Maintain healthy margins with MAP

End-to-end price monitoring, identification and enforcement

MAPP Trap is an all-in-one MAP enforcement platform that simplifies the process of implementing and enforcing your MAP pricing policy.

  1. Our MAP monitoring software provides fast detection of violators and comprehensive reporting.
  2. Use MAPP Trap's seller identification service to find accurate contact information of resellers and unmask your unauthorized sellers.
  3. Finally, use our Minimum Advertised Price enforcement platform to quickly and easily send out MAP violation notices.

Once MAP violation notices are sent out, MAPP Trap's enforcement platform allows you to easily monitor and track compliance with your policy.

Managed MAP monitoring and enforcement

We know, every minute spent chasing down MAP violations is a minute not spent on something else.

That's why MAPP Trap provides a suite of managed services to help you keep your MAP enforcement efforts on track while freeing up time to focus on your business. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD INFORMATION!

In our managed MAP monitoring and enforcement service, we will handle all of the heavy lifting for you. We'll keep track of all violations, send out notifications and monitor compliance so you can focus on what really matters. We'll provide you with regular reporting and updates, so you can be sure that your brand is protected.

MAPP Trap also offers help with authorized seller plans and intellectual property rights enforcement notices. With tailored IP takedown efforts, you can be sure the infringing content will get taken down swiftly.

We understand that each business is different and will work with you to ensure that your MAP enforcement policy fits perfectly with your needs and goals.

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MAP Policy Enforcement

“MAPP Trap has been a game changer for our brand. The team patiently helped us to understand the complicated online scale and scope for iMap as it relates to the brand, then worked methodically to help us craft strategy to approach map policy and authorized seller enforcement. Once we began enforcement we achieved rapid, material results. MAPP Trap is a great partner and well worth the investment.”

Paul Armstrong, CEO, Earthwhile Endeavors dba Earthbath