Price is the key to your brand perception

The price you set tells a story about your brand. It tells consumers what level of quality they can expect from your products.

However, with somewhere between 10 and 25 million ecommerce resellers active online, one of the only ways that online sellers can stand out among the crowd is by lowering their prices. Resellers use web scraping tools to monitor their competitors' prices, so when one reseller lowers their prices, others quickly follow. This can send prices tumbling, causing profit margins to plummet and dooming your brand value story to an unhappy ending.

MAPP Trap has a comprehensive MAP monitoring toolset to help you defend your brand — and your bottom line.

Comprehensive price monitoring tool

MAPP Trap monitors all of your online channels, from primary marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Walmart to individual retailers you specifically want to watch. With our staggered 24-hour price monitoring system, we monitor your products around the clock. But MAPP Trap is more than just a MAP monitoring tool. We capture and store listings that are below, at or above your MAP price, and we create dated and watermarked screenshots of the violations and help you to enforce your policies.

One-click price monitoring reports

With clear and concise visuals, MAPP Trap reports make it easy to quickly spot any trouble areas and understand trends over time.

With one click, you can generate easy-to-read, sharable reports illustrating:

  • How many of your sellers are in compliance
  • Price violations by product
  • Price violations by seller
  • Your brand's overall MAP compliance health

With MAPP Trap's price monitoring software, you can save time in your data analysis and easily communicate with stakeholders.

Keep a level playing field

Focus on what counts with the MAPP Trap noise filter

While many price monitoring tools can report MAP violators, how many deliver the price tracking data that actually matters?

Many MAP violators are one-and-done. The retail arbitrageurs, closeout hunters and mom-and-pops selling your products for below MAP aren't going to stick around after they sell through their stock, and they're typically not worth your time to pursue.

How do you focus only on the meaningful MAP violators? Just click the Noise Filter button in the MAPP Trap dashboard to cut out all of the resellers carrying a single item in their inventory. This will leave only the resellers who are likely to continue offending, whom you can identify and contact.

Supercharge your price monitoring with Compliance Pro advanced analytics

You can use MAPP Trap's robust price monitoring software for next-level analytics on your products and merchant relationships. Our Compliance Pro advanced analytics includes deep data to inform your pricing strategy, including:

  • Amazon Buy Box metrics

  • Amazon inventory

  • The SKU view - Daily pricing data of every reseller who has carried a specific product

  • Price match - When a reseller triggers a price change cascade, quickly identify the first offender

  • Price view - View the average price of a product over time. This is the perfect way to visualize and share the impact of your MAP enforcement efforts

Keep track and react
Maintain Map Pricing

"MAPP Trap's user-friendly system for finding MAPP violations and violators allows us to always have a pulse on real-time marketplace conditions."

Betsy Harrington, Senior Vice President of Sales, Woodstock Chimes