Keep a level playing field

In a physical store, the quality of your products is conveyed by several factors: type of store, packaging, product feel and price. Unfortunately, when your brand is sold online, only one of these things can truly be conveyed: price. So in order to get the consumer’s business, online sellers use repricing spiders to maintain the lowest advertised price. Unfortunately, any fluctuation in an online, advertised price causes a rapid and dramatic ripple effect that drags your products and brand in a race to the bottom.

Keep a level playing field

Keep track and react

Monitoring your online pricing allows you to keep a pulse on and react to how your products are being sold online. MAPP Trap allows you to monitor all your online channels from the primary marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping to individual retailers you specifically want to keep an eye on. With a varied 24-hour monitoring system, we watch your products around the clock. But MAPP Trap is more than just a price monitoring tool, we accurately identify which sellers are violating your policies, snap a screenshot of the violation and provide you the tools you need to enforce your polices.

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Keep track and react
Automated Process

"Our time dedicated to enforcing MAP has literally been cut in half since we migrated from a manual process to the automated process and we have gained more control of the pricing of our products."

Ciara Rossum, MAP Enforcement Manager, Roommates
Maintain Map Pricing

"MAPP Trap's user-friendly system for finding MAPP violations and violators allows us to always have a pulse on real-time marketplace conditions."

Betsy Harrington, Senior Vice President of Sales, Woodstock Chimes