Hosted by Ron Solomon, CEO of MAPP Trap, Legal Briefs explores specific areas of brand protection and enforcement with consumer product manufacturer attorney, Jeremy Richardson, Esq., a partner in the New York office of Freeborn & Peters. Jeremy's practice focuses on consumer product manufacturers. He leads Freeborn's Consumer Products Industry team and is a member of the firm's Litigation and Intellectual Property Practice groups.

Legal Briefs #1 - Is MAPP a Policy or an Agreement?

Episode One explores the difference between a MAP Policy and a MAP Agreement. Do brands need to get signatures from their customers?

Legal Briefs #2 - Authorized Seller Agreements

Episode Two discusses Reseller Agreements and how unauthorized sellers can be held accountable even after evoking the First Sale Doctrine?

Legal Briefs #3 - MAP Policy Enforcement Strategies

Episode Three discusses the nuance of enforcement actions. Are warnings a good strategy? Should they immediately suspend violating sellers? Or should a brand employ a graduated cut-off?

Legal Briefs #4 - Selective MAPP Enforcement

Episode Four reveals if a brand has to enforce their policy in exactly the same way with all of their resellers. You may THINK you know the answer but guess what?

Legal Briefs #5 - Selective MAPP Pricing

Episode Five answers questions about the actual price used for a minimum advertised price policy. Should MAP be MSRP? Can a brand enforce different MAPP prices for different sellers? Is it even legal?