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MAPP Trap Teams Up With Freeborn & Peters LLP to Remove Gray-Market Sellers

LAKEWOOD, Colo., June 6, 2022 – On the heels of launching their co-hosted podcast series, Legal Briefs, addressing online brand protection, MAPP Trap has just announced another great partnership with Chicago law firm, Freeborn & Peters, LLP. Effective immediately, MAPP Trap compliance clients will be able to escalate policy enforcement efforts by having Cease & Desist letters sent to unauthorized, gray-market sellers from a powerful firm.
Although Authorized Seller enforcement emails are sent automatically through MAPP Trap’s proprietary services, sometimes sellers ignore them because they’re not sent by an attorney. Many companies simply can’t afford to hire a law firm to reach out directly; especially a high-visibility firm with a track record of success. The MAPP Trap/Freeborn partnership removes that obstacle with an affordable and effective solution.
With the ability to submit instructions through their online accounts, MAPP Trap users can direct Cease & Desist letters be sent covering a range of concerns, including: counterfeit goods; copyright infringement, and trademark infringement. There will also be a variety of correspondence for breach of retailer agreements.
According to Jeremy Richardson, a partner with Freeborn’s New York office who focuses on consumer products, “In an e-commerce world, brand protection also means consumer protection. Freeborn & Peters is thrilled to partner with MAPP Trap to provide a cost-effective method to stop unauthorized retailers from harming brands and potentially selling unsafe, counterfeit products.”
“Gray-market sellers are a direct threat to brand equity,” said Solomon, who founded MAPP Trap to help brands maintain retail margins and healthy distribution through MAP policies, authorized reseller policies, distributor agreements and more. “Online retailers believe they can sell whatever they like, any time they like and anywhere they like. But they’re dead wrong. Our alliance with Freeborn gives our clients another arrow in their enforcement quiver.”
About MAPP Trap
A proprietary search engine designed by ex-manufacturers, MAPP Trap helps companies monitor, identify, and enforce how their products are being represented by online merchants and assists in brand-value threats caused by over-distribution, hyper-discounting, gray-market sellers and policy compliance. Specifically, MAPP Trap tracks products daily on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Google Shopping and thousands of other e-commerce merchants to find Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) and Minimum Resale Price (MRP) policy infractions, intellectual property violations, unauthorized resellers, counterfeiters, and more. The system is currently in use by manufacturers in a variety of industries spanning outdoor, pet, toys and gifts. For more information, visit