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SynergyLabs Case Study

In late 2021, SynergyLabs, a leading manufacturer of Grooming aids, stain & odor, training aids, oral health, flea & tick, naturals & organics, treats, disinfectants, deodorizers, fragrances, pesticides, OTC veterinary
pharmaceuticals, catnip, pills, tablets, and nutritional supplements, partnered with MAPP Trap in order to take back control of their brand and where it was being sold online.

Due to an out-of-control problem of discounting and too many online merchants, their loyal accounts were suffering from margin loss and straining good relationships.

MAPP Trap did a thorough ecommerce analysis and determined the best course of action to be taken in order to correct the market. This included developing the appropriate policies, agreements, and strategy-specific compliance templates. Beginning in May, 2022, automated and manual notices began to be sent to online sellers through the MAPP Trap system. Additionally, MAPP Trap conducted targeted take-down efforts to remove unauthorized sellers.

Strategies employed: Over the course of six months, the following actions and more were taken:

➢ Assisted in the launch strategy of IMAP Policy
➢ Assisted in development and launch of Authorized Reseller Policy
➢ Assisted in the development of a Marketplace Exclusion strategy
➢ Implemented and administrated multi-step MAP enforcement plan
➢ Issued DMCA takedown notices to unauthorized sellers
➢ Held weekly update and strategy sessions with client
➢ Advised and implemented strategic changes as required

Non-Compliant Amazon MAPP Sellers decreased by 81%

Products being discounted below MAPP decreased by as much as 78%

3rd Party sellers on Amazon were reduced by up to 72%

Average online prices increased by as much as 23%

“MAPP Trap's Complete Compliance program helped us to
dramatically reduce our MAP violations and unauthorized sellers.
Our partnership has allowed me to stay focused on my main job
while they tend to the day-to-day policy enforcement work.
Without MAPP Trap's expertise we could never have turned things
around so quickly. It’s a no brainer!”

Luisa Munoz-Franco, eCommerce Account Manager, SynergyLabs

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