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Rev-A-Shelf Tresco Lighting Case Study

In July of 2020 Rev-A-Shelf, a market leading cabinet and lighting company, came to MAPP Trap to help them launch their IMAP policy.

Rev-A-Shelf had never established an IMAP program and were starting to get pressure from their merchants to reduce their wholesale prices to deal with sellers racing to the bottom or else they would be forced to stop carrying Rev-A-Shelf products.

Through its Complete Compliance program, MAPP Trap created an extensive market assessment, then developed, implemented and administrated strategies (including MAP and Authorized Reseller Policies) to meet the following objectives:

• Decrease MAPP Violations
• Decrease MAPP Violators
• Remove unknown and unauthorized sellers
• Increase online advertised prices

Strategies employed: Over the course of twelve months, the following actions and more were taken:

• Assisted in the launch strategy of IMAP Policy
• Assisted in development and launch of Authorized Reseller Policy
• Implemented and administrated multi-step MAP enforcement plan
• Issued DMCA takedown notices unauthorized sellers
• Held weekly update and strategy sessions with client
• Advised and implemented strategic changes as required


Overall daily violations were reduced by 87%

Overall Violating Amazon Sellers reduced by 63%

Total Amazon Sellers were reduced by 35%

Average advertised prices increased on 5 of 10 top selling products

“In the beginning we were definitely hesitant to do anything with iMAP as we had gotten mixed feelings from other companies that had tried it. However, we have been with MAPP Trap for going on two years and it has been one of the best things we have done. Not only has it allowed us to maintain fair market pricing, but it has uncovered many sellers that are not authorized to sell our products or use our IP. So, for us it has been about iMAP, but it also has uncovered more about our brand and the sellers in the various marketplaces. The MAPP Trap team is super responsive and always willing to assist. Great decision for our company.”

Steve Jones, VP of Consumer Sales, Rev-A-Shelf LLC

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