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Ideal Pet Products Case Study

In February 2020, Ideal Pets, a well-known, highly distributed pet door manufacturer hired MAPP Trap to monitor and, through its Complete Compliance program, create and execute a strategy to help them gain control over their ecommerce footprint.

Specifically, Ideal Pets needed help in managing a large volume of grey-market sellers and price decay. Their two largest customers were threatening to drop their entire line from both ecommerce and in-store distribution if the online pricing did not increase.

Through its Complete Compliance program, MAPP Trap created an extensive market assessment, then developed, implemented and administrated strategies (including MAP and Authorized Reseller Policies) to meet the following objectives:

• Decrease MAPP Violations and Violators
• Decrease number of Products Violated
• Remove gray-market listings
• Increase overall average online advertised prices

Strategies employed: The following actions and more were taken:

• Assisted in the creation of MAP Policy, Reseller Policy and Distributor Agreement
• Implemented, administrated, and tracked multi-step MAP enforcement plan (over 1,500 email notices sent)
• Issued DMCA takedown notices to unauthorized sellers
• Developed special program designed to uncover inventory sources of unknown sellers
• Held weekly update and strategy sessions with client
• Advised and implemented strategic changes as required


Overall daily violations were reduced by 62%

Overall Violating Sellers were reduced by 64%

Total online sellers were reduced by 59%

Retail Margins increased substantially on Top Products

"MAPP Trap's Complete Compliance service provided the strategy, plan and enforcement management to keep a key retailer from dropping our line. Within a couple of months, they helped reduce MAP violations by over 70% and removed many of our grey market/unauthorized sellers, making our account very happy. Total game changer!"

Rene Gonzalez, V.P. Operations, Ideal Pet Products

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