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FL!PPER Case Study

FL!PPER Aquarium Products develops innovative aquarium products that solve problems to make owning or servicing an aquarium more enjoyable. It is dedicated to providing the highest quality products possible. From its signature Flipper Cleaners, Platinum Scrapers, and DeepSee Viewers, the company makes keeping an aquarium cleaner more rewarding, faster to maintain, and promote discovery while keeping your hands dry.

FL!PPER engaged with MAPP Trap’s Complete Compliance, white-glove service in late 2023 because its online prices were below MAP and its resellers were getting squeezed on margin. Although they had a MAP Policy, enforcing it consistently and effectively was too difficult for their small team.

After searching FL!PPER’s products across ecommerce sites like Amazon, Chewy, Walmart, eBay and Google Shopping, MAPP Trap provided an assessment of FL!PPER’s market footprint. FL!PPER was concerned about losing money by removing sellers, so their initial strategy was “all sellers are authorized until they’re not.” This would allow them to maintain their current sales and distribution strategy with minimal disruption. Sellers would be de-Authorized based on MAP compliance.

Following its assessment, MAPP Trap created a Policy launch campaign designed to send weekly notices to ALL sellers, regardless of product pricing. After thirty days, the MAP Policy Enforcement phase was launched. MAPP Trap created, implemented and managed a four-strike MAP Enforcement plan as follows:


Once the enforcement of MAP began, MAPP Trap had weekly meetings with FL!PPER to discuss progress and make adjustments, if necessary. Certain unauthorized sellers were sent legal letters and/or submitted to webhosts via DMCA abuse claims. MAPP Trap continuously added new sellers to plan to enforce against all merchants. Plan configuration included the gating of final MAP notices, and the client would direct MAPP Trap which sellers to send those final notices or which to reset. After the initial six-months of the program, FL!PPER’s MAP Compliance had improved to such a degree that they decided to shift their attention to the removal of unauthorized sellers (which included ANY sellers on Amazon’s marketplace.)

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