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Earthbath Case Study

Earthwhile Endeavors, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly shampoos, grooming wipes, and spritzes, approached MAPP Trap to help the brand regain control of its ecommerce pricing.

Through its Complete Compliance program, MAPP Trap created an extensive market assessment, then developed, implemented and administrated strategies (including MAP and Authorized Reseller Policies) to meet the following objectives:

• Decrease MAPP Violations
• Decrease MAPP Violators
• Remove unknown and unauthorized sellers
• Increase retail margins

Strategies employed: Over the course of nine months (to date), the following actions and more were taken:

• Assisted in the creation of MAP Policy, Reseller Policy and Distributor Agreement
• Implemented, administrated, and tracked multi-step MAP enforcement plan (over 1,500 email notices sent)
• Issued DMCA takedown notices to unauthorized sellers
• Developed special program designed to uncover inventory sources of unknown sellers
• Held weekly update and strategy sessions with client
• Advised and implemented strategic changes as required


Overall daily violations were reduced by 93%

Overall Violating Sellers were reduced by 80%

Retail Margins increased on 8 of 10 top selling products

“MAPP Trap has been a game changer for our brand. The team patiently helped us to understand the complicated online scale and scope for iMap as it relates to the brand, then worked methodically to help us craft strategy to approach MAP policy and authorized seller enforcement. Once we began enforcement. we and achieved rapid, material results. MAPP Trap is a great partner and well worth the investment.”

Paul Armstrong, CEO, Earthwhile Endeavors

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