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MAPP Trap Launches New “Merchant Traps”

Golden, CO (June 25, 2019) - As any brand that’s monitored its products online knows, accurate, up-to-date merchant intelligence is crucial to policy and channel compliance. The problem is that merchants also know this, which is why they continually change the names of their online stores. This means that just when the brand has a non-compliant seller in its sights, the store disappears and a new one pops up. But really, it’s the same store!
That’s why, beginning on June 25, 2019, MAPP Trap users will be alerted every time a sneaky merchant swaps out its store name. How? It’s simple: Each online marketplace seller has a digital fingerprint (aka Seller ID). And since all the merchant’s seller ratings and reviews are tied to that ID, they don’t want to start a new account. But since changing a store name doesn’t require a new seller ID, once that ID is in MAPP Trap’s system it’s trapped for good.
Not only will MAPP Trap begin alerting its users of Merchant Name Changes, it will also inform clients when new merchants begin violating their product pricing. Additionally, clients will get a Merchant Update Alert. as soon as MAPP Trap’s team of professional investigators uncover new contact information (e.g., dba, telephone number, email, etc.)
“It’s about being proactive,” says Ron Solomon, CEO of MAPP Trap. “In order to protect their brands, our clients are determined to get accurate, up-to-date merchant knowledge. And since rapid response is often a factor in successful policy compliance, we’re going to send them the data as quickly as it’s available.”


A proprietary search engine designed by ex-manufacturers, MAPP Trap monitors Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and hundreds of other ecommerce sites to find advertised price violations, unauthorized sellers and more. It then “traps” the links to those violations, identifies the merchants’ true identities and gives users the ability to automatically send emails to the sellers for policy compliance. One of the strengths of MAPP Trap is its ability to accurately identify unknown or “ghost” sellers.
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