Ronald Solomon

MAPP Trap Enforcement Tool Dramatically Reduces MAP Violators

Evergreen, CO (January 1, 2016) – These days monitoring the internet to find which merchants are violating online seller policies is a standard business practice. But monitoring and identifying bad partners is just one piece of the puzzle. Once armed with merchant information, vendors need to contact the violators in order to enforce their policies. Unfortunately, because of how time-consuming enforcement is many vendors are unable to do it effectively.

"Vendors just don’t have the manpower," says Ron Solomon, CEO of MAPP Trap. "Which is a shame because what's the point of having good information if you don’t do anything with it?"

That's why MAPP Trap developed a fully-automated Policy Enforcement System. Launched to a select few companies in 4th quarter 2015, the MAPP Trap Enforcer has already proven to be an amazing success. Users have seen the number of violators reduced by nearly 50% in just 30 days. But don’t believe us. Check out this testimonial:

“Although we have been happy partners for years, the automated MAPP module was recently implemented into our MAP enforcement process. We are now enforcing MAP much faster and more efficiently. Our time dedicated to enforcing map has literally been cut in half since we have migrated from a manual process to the automated process and we have gained more control of the pricing of our products. We highly recommend the Creditor's Network to any company looking for a proficient map enforcement tool as well as superior customer service!” - Ciara Rossum, MAP Enforcement Manager

To date, the majority of companies have implemented three-strike plans. Generally, the 1st email contains proof of the violations(s) along with a reminder of the vendor’s policy. If the merchant continues violating after a pre-determined number of days, the system sends a 2nd email warning that the merchant will be terminated. If the merchant keeps violating after two warnings, a 3rd email goes out telling the merchant they have been cut-off, as per the vendor’s policy. The three-strike plan is just one of many customizable options.

The MAPP Enforcer service secures MAPP Trap as a serious industry leader that is creating innovative and affordable solutions for its users. While there are other companies that monitor websites for violations, they stop there. MAPP Trap is different because the service helps users to not only determine the true identity of the merchants, but it now closes the loop by making enforcement a simpler affair.


A proprietary search engine created and administrated by The Creditors Network, the service monitors ecommerce sites to find advertised price violations. It then “traps” the links to those violations and identifies the eMerchants so the manufacturer knows who to contact for policy enforcement. One of the hallmarks of MAPP Trap is that it identifies unknown or “ghost” sellers.

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