Regain Control of Your Brand Online

With over 10 million online sellers out there, it's impossible to know which ones are violating your online policies by yourself.

You absolutely need help! MAPP Trap's price monitoring software searches your products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, GoogleShopping and more. Our search reports are filled with actionable data and are viewable via password-protected user accounts, exportable files, and regularly scheduled emails.

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What good is knowing the name of a merchant if you don't know how they got the product?

After MAPP Trap finds, logs and creates watermarked images of violations and violators, we help you to figure out who those sellers really are. Our users benefit from our sophisticated research and investigative techniques, databases, algorithms and trained skip-tracers. Anyone can monitor, but for us, identifying resellers is the top priority.

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Enforce your MAP policy easily with our Automated Enforcement Wizard.

You've got the proof and you know who the resellers really are. Now what? Creating, sending and tracking emails manually takes a great deal of time. But if you don't enforce consistently and effectively, what's the point of monitoring and identifying your resellers? Our Automated Enforcement Wizard makes map enforcement and getting rid of unauthorized 3P sellers a simple task.

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"Automated Process"


"Complete Compliance"


"Brand Protection"


"Increased Sales"




"Maintain Map Pricing"

Automated Process

"Our time dedicated to enforcing MAP has literally been cut in half since we migrated from a manual process to the automated process and we have gained more control of the pricing of our products."

Ciara Rossum, MAP Enforcement Manager, Roommates
Complete Compliance

"MAPP Trap's Complete Compliance service provided the strategy, plan and enforcement management to keep a key retailer from dropping our line. Within a couple of months, they helped reduce MAP violations by over 75% and removed many of our grey market/unauthorizted sellers, making our account very happy. Total game changer!"

Rene Gonzalez, V.P. Operations, Ideal Pet Products
Brand Protection

"We have worked with a number of brand protection services, and none of them have revealed as many unknown sellers as MAPP Trap. MAPP Trap offers an online database that is both comprehensive and user friendly. Their weekly MAPP reports make it easy to store seller information, and their staff is fantastic! I highly recommend this service."

MAP Compliance Specialist, Natural Products Industry
Increased Sales

"The MAPP Trap's industry knowledge and powerful system is the absolute reason for our MAPP being under control. It has been amazing and has helped our business tremendously. Our online sales have increased dramatically."

Anastasia, Policies & Enforcement, ESI Grips

“MAPP Trap has been a critical element in taking our business to the next level! Within less than a month using the service, MAPP Trap has offered much needed transparency and an effective enforcement email service that has helped us wade through 80+ resellers on Amazon and eBay. Retailers and resellers are happy to see that we’re actively enforcing MAP pricing beyond just a policy and using MAPP Trap proves that we’re doing everything we can to ensure that our products are sold on an even playing field. MAPP Trap is a win-win for all parties included!”

Nicole Hamilton, National Sales Manager, Insect Lore
Maintain Map Pricing

"MAPP Trap's user-friendly system for finding MAPP violations and violators allows us to always have a pulse on real-time marketplace conditions."

Betsy Harrington, Senior Vice President of Sales, Woodstock Chimes

MAPP Trap is the perfect solution for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors and even eCommerce Merchants

The internet is a powerful tool for increasing sales and visibility. Unfortunately, its power can also cause hyper-discounting, over-distribution and brand commoditization. Any one of those things can destroy your brand. Don't let that happen!

Price Monitoring
Price Monitoring

Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and others have disrupted the way you do business. So whether you have a minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policy, an authorized re-seller policy, an IP policy, or just want to know what's happening online, you need to monitor and identify who's selling them - and at what price.

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Seller Monitoring and Identification
Seller Monitoring and Identification

When you monitor, you'll discover that online sellers frequently create store names that you've never heard of. They do this intentionally so you don't know their true identity. MAPP Trap identification helps you to find out who they really are so that you know how they got your product.

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MAP Policy Enforcement
MAP Policy Enforcement

After you've identified your policy violators, you need to bring them into compliance. MAPP Trap's Automated Enforcement Wizard provides consistent follow-through by sending policy compliance notices, legal actions and more.

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policy enforcement

Brand Protection
Brand Protection

Online sellers create product listings a million different ways. They use old images, terrible copy and even create multiple listings of the same product. This causes consumer confusion that hurts your brand's messaging. MAPP Trap's time-stamped images of your product listings shows you what needs to be fixed.

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